BikeRadar - - is the parent company of and one of the most popular cycling websites in the world.  James Huang is their Tech editor who travels the world reviewing bikes and gear, reporting from Grand Tours, and attending bike shows.  His review of the Wabi Sport jersey is copied on this website here or you can head to the link and read the original there.

RoadBikeRider - - is an amazing cycling resource produced by long-time industry veterans and cycling fanatics.  It covers all aspects of cycling, including racing, training, commuting, and expert advice on all cycling related topics.  They produce an excellent - and free - weekly newsletter.  Here is how the review appeared in the RBR newsletter:

"Now on the RBR website:  We review the first product from a new company called Wabi Woolens, dedicated to making the finest wool cycling jerseys money can buy. Would your $140 be well spent?" Follow this link to read the full review:  RoadBikeRiderReviewofWabiWoolens .


Thewashingmachinepost Review

Thewashingmachinepost is a cycling blog written by Brian Palmer, who hails from Isle of Islay, Scotland. Brian writes of all things cycling and is not shy about his favorite subjects, which include espresso and Colnago. Did he say, "the rolls royce of merino cycle jerseys"?  Yes, I think he did!  Read the review by following this link:  washingmachinepostreview .


Bicycle Quarterly (*Updated in Spring '09 issue - see below*) -  Jan Heine is publisher of Bicycle Quarterly magazine, dedicated to information about everyday cycling, randonneuring, quality bicycles and product testing, and cycling history.  In Volume 6, No. 3, he tested a Wabi Woolens jersey and seemed to like it quite well.  While the review cannot be duplicated for this website, here are some of his comments:

“Overall, the Wabi Woolens jersey offers excellent quality.  I recommend it highly.
“Several nice details show the care that has gone into the design of the jersey.”
“The jersey withstood repeated washings without fading or significant shrinking,” (after the initial shrinkage).
“It certainly is subdued enough to look classy in everyday settings.”
“It was comfortable in a variety of temperatures, both with a wool undershirt and worn directly on the skin.”

To learn more about Bicycle Quarterly and for subscription information, go to the Vintage Bicycle Press homepage at:

*Update* In the Spring '09 issue of Bicycle Quarterly, Mr. Heine published a test update of the Wabi Woolens jersey.  His comments were very brief, and included these statements:

"Even after numerous washings, it still is as good as new.  I recommend it wholeheartedly."

Cyclocross Magazine - This relatively new publication is dedicated to the world of cyclocross (as the title might suggest) and they do it with an enticing mix of the culture, products, and people that make cyclocross such an amazing event.  Their full review of the Wab Woolens jersey can be found here .

To learn more about Cyclocross magazine, go to .