Jersey Care

Washing and Caring for Your Wabi Woolens Jersey 

Washing Your Winter Weight Jersey - The Long, Detailed Version

Your Wabi Woolens jersey is sized to accommodate approximately three inches of shrinkage in the body and the sleeves.

Washing is hard on wool.  There is no way around that.  So the best way to care for your Wabi Woolens jersey is simply not to wash it.  But let’s face it, that only works for so long before your riding partners and significant other start to make funny faces when you put it on.  Eventually, you have to clean it and here’s the best way to do it, step-by-step:


Agitation is what shrinks wool.  The more gentle you are with your jersey when it is wet, the less it will shrink.


  1. Wash before wearing and always follow these instructions.  When you think it may be time for another wash, wear it a few more times, just so you’re sure.
  2. Pour a bath of warm water into the tub, sink or any large container.  Don’t be afraid to use warm water, it works the best.
  3. Add enough mild detergent (not soap) so that the water feels slippery.  Liquid dish soaps such as Ivory or blue Dawn are fine.  Laundry detergents tend to have whiteners in them and are a bit harsher than you want. Usually, detergents that claim to be good for your hands or very mild will work just fine.
  4. Apply detergent directly to any stains that concern you.
  5. Lay the jersey into the bath and let it soak for an hour, at least.
  6. GENTLY swish it around a bit.
  7. Remove the jersey and pour fresh warm rinse water. 
  8. Lay the jersey into the rinse bath, then gently swish it around again.
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 if necessary.
  10. Gently remove the jersey, fold or roll it, then PRESS the excess water out.  DO NOT TWIST OR WRING.
  11. Lay the jersey flat onto a clean towel, fold the sides in, and roll the towel up with the jersey inside.  Then press out the excess water.
  12. Unroll the jersey and lay it flat to dry.  Or, hang the jersey upside down, using a pant hanger or two clipped to the bottom.  Use this method if you are concerned about the body length being too short.
  13. Once dry, the jersey will fit more snugly, like a pair of jeans out of the dryer, but will stretch back out.


GENTLE is the key word.  Any agitation of the jersey while it is wet will increase shrinkage.  Unless this is the desired result, handle the jersey very GENTLY.


When it is time to store the jersey for the season, it should be clean.  Moths love soiled wool.  Fold and seal it in a thick plastic bag (like a freezer zip-lock).  Store your wool with fresh cedar blocks or natural moth-repellant product.

The Short Version 

1. Soak your jersey in warm water with mild detergent for a few hours.

2. Gently, rinse your jersey in clean warm water.

3. Squeeze out the excess water, then roll it in a towel.

4. Lay it flat to dry.

See, it is really no big deal.