Customer Comments

Comments on the Sport Series jerseys:

"I wanted to say thanks again for the super nice jersey! I wore it on a nice 4 hr ride today. The weather kept changing from rain to sun to hail, and I was totally comfortable. I really like how fitted it is. I think you nailed it with that jersey!"  Cary M, Gentle Lovers Racing Team, Portland, OR

"It is by far the best piece of cycling kit I have ever owned." Jason M, Asheville, NC

"LOVE MY NEW SHIRT.  I really like the Red long sleeve Jersey.  It's already been on a nice Fall Ride up into the Redwoods here in Santa Cruz.  Sometimes when we order things we have expectations which aren't quite met; but I was really happy with the Jersey.  It fits great and worked well in varied temperatures.  On this particular ride we go from warm then into canyons which are really cold then warm again.  I didn't wear a jacket so was interested how it would feel going back downhill into the canyons when it was damp from perspiration.  The climb is about 1500 feet.  I was surprised how comfortable it was.  It's just the ticket and will get lots of use.  Thanks" David, Scotts Valley, CA

Comments on the original Winter Weight jerseys:    

" I was finally able to wear the jerseys in cool to cold weather.  It suddenly turned cold with a vengeance over the past month.  Yesterday it was blowing 50kmh in gusts with a steady 30kmh and raining, 40F.  Not the best conditions for a long ride! My hands and feet were in desperate shape, but my torso was nice and toasty thanks to my Wabi wool jersey.  You have really nailed it!!
     The deep pockets and the zip pocket are beyond anything I've experienced in the past.  Fantastic attention to detail.  No fear of the cell phone falling to the pavement!  I will cherish the two jerseys I have and will need to make sure I purchase a few backup jerseys.  These are one of a kind."  Ron - Reims, France

"I received the jersey yesterday and promptly put it through the shrinking process so I could wear it on my ice ride today.  I love the quality, fit, feel and looks of it!  HOME RUN!  I mentioned to you a while back that I have several merino wool jerseys... this one tops them all.  The orange color is great too - reminds me of the Molteni jersey."  Randy - Minneapolis, MN  

“Most beautiful jersey I have seen to date. The craftsmanship is amazing with lots of attention to little details such as a rubber tipped zipper for the neck and nice tight cuffs, double fabric in the collar area, etc. No saggy feel. Yes, there are cheaper jerseys out there but they don't really compare in terms of quality. At current price I would consider the Wabi jerseys a bargain.”
Clayton, San Francisco

“The more I wear this, the more I like it.  A fantastic product.  This may be the best jersey I've ever owned. Period.
Mike Dayton, avid randonneur and PBP finisher, on his blog, ncrandonneur.blogspot.comMike also reviewed Wabi Woolens jersey for RoadBikeRider e-magazine.  Read his review here .  This comment on his blog was written after his review.

 “These jerseys are probably the finest clothing (of any kind) I have ever owned.”  Bob Linthicum – McLean, Virginia. Comment sent after ordering his second jersey.

"The jersey is amazing.  I wore it yesterday out for a ride at 35F and it was just as perfect as when I wore it the other day at 60F. The only problem is I want another.” George Singer Chappaqua, NY

"Finally got it home and put it on and I am honestly speechless.  This thing is amazing.  Much better than expected (and I had high expectations!)"  Dan - Eppstein, Germany

"I have just received a Wabi Bicycle Jersey. It clearly demonstrates, 'you get what you pay for'. The quality of your Wabi jersey supersedes all of my other jerseys, hands down."              John Holding - Chicago, IL

So far it's been great, has had a lot of use, and I wouldn't change a thing.  I actually washed it once: I took a risk and put in the washer, running it on the easiest cycle with mild soap, and it came out fine.  I like your wool's sturdiness, how the pockets don't sag.”
Eric Tonkin,  Owner – Sellwood Cycle Repair , Portland, OR
Member - USA World Championship Cyclocross Team, 2005-07.  Current Kona Factory Team racer.

"I wanted to let you know that after wearing my jersey under a variety of different conditions, I can easily say that it is one of the nicest pieces of cycling equipment that I own, and certainly the nicest piece of clothing I have, too. I bought my wife a wool jersey from Ibex, and I that made me appreciate my Wabi jersey all the more. I knew yours were thick and well made, but putting it side-by-side with the Ibex jersey didn't do their product any favors."  Josh - Durham, NC

“First off, it's the nicest wool jersey I have and I have more than a few (Santini, Alessandro, Vintage Velos, Wooly Warm, Swobo, etc.)  The jersey is nice and warm, and the fiber thickness is just right for a fall/winter/spring jersey here in New York.  But the two qualities that simply set it above the rest are the feel and heft of the wool fabric (it just seems slightly more dense than the other jerseys) and the quality of the stitching.  The pockets are also at the right location and just the right depth and width.  The fourth zipped pocket is a very good addition as well. All in all…the best thing that ever happened to my winter cycling wardrobe.”   Christian - New York

"Just wanted to thank you again for the lengths to which you went to make sure things worked out with my jersey. I imagine they're plenty of people who're willing to attest to the incomparable comfort/warmth of Wabi Woolens cycling jerseys, but your company's customer service, specifically the quick response to requests (and then complete follow-though), is first-rate. Hope to see you on the road."  Justin Waltz - Portland, OR
“My XL Tall cycling jersey arrived and I could not be happier.  For the first time ever I have a wool jersey that is made for a tall skinny guy!!!!  I am 6'8" and 200lbs.  Quality is fantastic. I really appreciate straight seams and a thoughtful placard behind the zipper to keep out drafts. Keep up the great work.
Josh "Too Tall" Simonds /

"I think the Wabi jersey is perfect.  I live in Chicago and I ride my bike to work every day. The weave is also superior to to the Ibex Shak, softer and more refined.  Best of all, the lines of the jersey (the Adventure, with no pockets) are sharp enough that I can even wear it around the office.  I just ordered two more, and if you make more colors I'll order those too. I'm not into Rolex's and what not, but I think I'm treating myself in the same kind of way when I put on your jersey.  Combine this with everything else you're doing -- made in Portland, super high quality, no silly logos -- and I see your jersey as something that should be selling faster than you can ship them. Thanks for making such an excellent product!"
Jake - Chicago, IL

"This is the most awesome thing that has happened to my shoulder-season outdoor wear, ever.  I've worn it as a baselayer for near-zero Nordic skiing and alone as my only layer on a blustery 35 degree rail-trail ride.  The fit, finish, and function are perfect and the styling is unmatched."   Joe Lapinski - Rochester, MI

“1) The material/knit is very nice.  I like the way it looks and feels and the color is rich (I have the brown).     2) The pockets are great.  They're positioned where I want them and are usably large.  The small zip pocket is always a useful feature."  John - Colorado

“Sunday I rode out to Pt. Townsend. It was the first ride since getting my Wabi that I didn’t wear it. Compared to it, my other wool jerseys plain suck.  I’ve gotten spoiled.  Hurry up and come out with a short sleeve.”
Morgan, Bainbridge Island, WA
(Disclaimer: Morgan is a good friend of mine.  But he is so picky when it comes to jerseys that I just had to post this - Harth)