About Wabi Woolens

Company Story

In 2008, I started Wabi Woolens out of a love for wool cycling clothing and frustration with what was commercially available at that time. It is a one person company, as I source out the pattern making, sewing, and accounting services.  That leaves me with product design, sourcing materials and manufacturing, testing, coordinating production, photography, web design, order processing, and shipping. Yet Wabi is only one of my jobs. When I began Wabi, I was an English Language Arts teacher at a non-profit alternative school, where I taught grades 6-12 for over 13 years. I now teach at a large, diverse high school outside of Portland, which takes a lot more of my daily time due to the 30 mile roundtrip commute. This has been an excellent move for me professionally as well as a necessary change for my family’s well being. Selling these jerseys to cycling enthusiasts worldwide has been an incredible experience for me, one both exhausting and energizing. 2016-17 is the introduction of the third version of wool jerseys here at Wabi World Headquarters. I hope you enjoy the new Wabi Woolens jerseys.

Harth Huffman
Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.


Wabi Woolens was born of a love for wool cycling jerseys and several long years of designing, testing and dreaming. Wabi Woolens makes clothing for active outdoor pursuits from the highest quality merino wool, designed for discerning cyclists and adventurers, and sewn to high standards in the U.S.A. Wabi Woolens clothes are intended to quietly enhance the outdoor experience without becoming the focus of the experience.

What is Wabi?

The name and logo of Wabi Woolens are adapted from the Japanese term wabi sabi, which serves as a guiding aesthetic principle.  The concept of wabi sabi is challenging to define in a few words, but it includes the beauty of things that are modest, humble and unconventional.  The characteristics of wabi sabi include details that are simple, fresh and unpretentious, while incorporating a sense of rustic beauty. It includes things that are made by nature or manufactured, and often represents a sense of understated elegance.  Wabi Woolens strives to capture some degree of wabi sabi in its product designs and fabric choices.   

Made in the U.S.A.

Wabi clothing is are designed and sewn in Portland, Oregon from merino wool fabric that was knit and dyed to my specifications in the U.S.A. I believe the design, fabric, and sewing quality used for Wabi Woolens creates absolutely the best jersey of any on the market. U.S. manufacturing plays a large part in producing this level of quality.


Wabi Woolens guarantees your satisfaction with the product or your money back for 30 days after date of purchase.  Wash it, wear it, ride in it.  If you love it, keep it.  If you don't love it, return it. Return shipping is at no charge for domestic orders of non-clearance items, so customers have a no-risk trial period with their Wabi Woolens clothing. International returns will have shipping costs negotiated in the customer's favor, typically by subsidizing shipping charges.